Business Summit Africa Conference 2019

Business Summit Africa was established in 2011 to promote trade and investment opportunities as well as serve as a one-stop information center for Business Growth in Africa.

Over the past years, Business Summit Africa has organized Conferences to discuss Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions for businesses in Africa. Anchored on collaboration and research, Business Summit Africa has grown to become a useful resource for new and established firms within the continent. The research base has also been steadily increasing, helping both local and international companies to expand, build partnership and develop a presence within the continent.

With varieties of resources ranging from minerals, forest resources, uncultivated arable land and population; investing in Africa is not only rewarding but highly profitable. A study by McKinsey found out that between 2008-2014, large African Companies have tended to grow faster and have been more profitable than their global peers. With over 1.2 billion inhabitants and with working-age expected to reach 1 billion by 2030, Africa, therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for world Business growth and prosperity.

 “Africa is the best-kept secret “Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Africa.


  • Understanding the Africa Consumer Market and Opportunity
    Consumer Market
  • Access to Capital and Partnerships Opportunities for Business in Africa
    Capital & Partnerships
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Africa’s Real Estate and Property Markets
    Challenges & Opportunities
  • The Rise and Future of Financial Technology in Africa
    The Rise and Future of Financial Technology in Africa
  • SMEs as an Engine of Growth for the African Continent
    Panel Discussions
  • Business Networking Dinner and Gala
    Networking Dinner
  • Golf Tournament
    Golf tournament